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What's in store...

Data Market Protocol

The first Computable smart contracts will implement a permissionless protocol to tokenize data assets for data market and exchange applications. Anyone will be able to easily create and operate a data market with its own custom non-fungible token. Follow the Computable GitHub repository and wiki for the latest developments and plans. The first of several formal technical publications will release soon.


AI Smart Contracts

New open source software will forge technological compatibility between blockchains and machine learning computations. The Data Market Protocol will then extend to handle model weights and other parameter data to enable creation and execution of AI smart contracts.


Trustless Privacy Network

A trustless privacy network will leverage Data Market Protocol and AI Smart Contract capabilities to enable privacy-preserving computations and secure data transactions. Neither buyers nor sellers will need to expose their raw data assets to monetize them, fully unlocking the commercial opportunity of data markets.




Data dApplications


Data markets and exchange

Tokenize data assets. Monetize data as a marketplace seller or by joining a data exchange.

Data commons and cooperatives

Collaborative data projects like ImageNet unlocked unprecedented progress in AI for visual tasks. Imagine the inflection in other fields and disciplines if such open data cooperatives were structurally encouraged and incentivized.

Authorship and citations

Reference and link datasets used in your research with fair attribution to contributors.


Data on demand

Access and incentivize a workforce to crowdsource and curate data for your applications, following your specs and requirements.


Programmatic access to continuously updated datasets to power your applications.





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